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There is a misconception about legal status of weed in Spain. Actually, weed is illegal in Spain in every level–even having it on the streets is penalized with €600 euro fine in the best of cases. Selling marijuana is a felony and that’s the reason why there are no marijuana shops in Spain. There are cannabis associations though.

Cannabis clubs are loopholes and are the only possible way to get or obtain weed inside the Spanish territory. However, that doesn’t mean you are fully protected and acting according to the law. Board of directors of a cannabis clubs must be aware about what they and their members are allowed to do and what they don’t.

Heavy fines and criminal charges are the most likely consequences for those who don’t understand the law or have no legal advice about this matter. Our lawyers are here to keep you out of trouble and be there incase you are facing any legal related to this issue.


The localization is vital and a really delicate matter. Clubs are not able to be in the same place or too near from each other. All cannabis club must respect other associations.

Also, you will need legal advisors for the coexistence between your cannabis association and the neighborhood you are planning to be established in.


Every inspection report can be appealed. We are here for you if you have any problem.

Keep in mind that inspections are recurrent legal procedures as cannabis clubs are legal loopholes.


Many factors can affect the normal functioning of a club and can cause its closure. Whether it’s permanent or temporal, we have the necessary resources to manage any type of situation and help you move forward with your business.

Procedures vary from one area to another and our team of lawyers are prepared to aid you no matter where you are located and reopen your club.